Welcome to the Jazz Guitar Hymns website!

It's finally here! 
Thanks for stopping by to listen and support my music!

The music you hear (unless you muted your speakers:-)) are sample clips from my Jazz Guitar Hymns CD. The concept behind this CD is to “add a little color to the traditional” by creating original solo jazz guitar arrangements of public domain hymns from the 1800’s - this explains the dated clothes, eh? 

This instrumental Jazz Guitar Hymns CD is for both Listen & Buyclassic hymn lovers and jazz enthusiasts alike. I tried arranging these chord melody hymns using a finger style technique that creatively integrates jazz harmonies and rhythms, along with walking bass lines – to craft a unique solo jazz guitar experience.

I have a number of Jazz Hymns projects in the oven with the next one (hopefully and God-willing) being a Jazz Christmas Hymns CD.  I also hope to perform more blues guitar on my next project using a pick-style blues groove similar to the "Were You There?" hymn track in the current CD.

This website will also (eventually) provide jazz guitar lessons FREE for those who sign up for the lessons.

In the meantime, I hope you will be blessed by the sample tunes playing in the background -- enough to want to listen some more and buy our Jazz Guitar Hymns CD.   Thank you again.